Close Achievement Gaps at your School and level the Education Playing Field 

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What our Administrators think of the ACTIVATE™ Program:

ACTIVATE™ is the key to unlocking  your students’ potential and enhancing their focus, self-control, and memory!

Improve Students' Academic Outcomes by Strengthening Focus, Memory, & Self-Control

ACTIVATE™ provides the solution for Educators facing challenges with:

  • achievements gaps associated with poverty and race
  • learning & behavior problems associated with learning disorders
  • improving academic outcomes for low-performing schools

Executive Function Brain Training Program

Improve Academic Outcomes

Improving low performing schools, ACTIVATE is more cost effective and works better than one-on-one tutoring.

Assesses Needs & Abilities

ACTIVATE™ provides an early assessment of each students' special needs and abilities. 

Measurable Growth & ROI

The cognitive assessments show measurable growth for all students enrolled in the program.

“It was like they designed the exact program I’d been dreaming about. By the beginning of the 2012 school year, language proficiency has risen to 52% and math to 76%, bringing PS316 from the bottom third to the top third in school performance in New York City Public Schools.”

Olga Maluf, Principal NY

“After our students used ACTIVATE™ for just 8 weeks, the average student increased their reading ability by one full grade level.”

Principal, Brooklyn NY

“Our kids enjoy this and look forward to it every day. The data shows me that they are really getting something from ACTIVATE™”

Mike Lorenzo, Principal CT

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